The DevRel Working Group

About the DevRel Working Group

The group subject

The DevRel working group focuses on:

  • Community Outreach

    -Speaking at conferences/giving talks.

    -Being active on social media and technical forums to promote Milvus.

    -Creating content such as blogs, video tutorials, newsletters, etc.

    -Hosting/attending events (meetups, webinars, hackathons, workshops, DevRel working group’s regular meetings, etc.)

  • Developer Experience & Success

    -Facilitating smooth developer onboarding by creating documentation and tools.

    -Building demos.

    -Answering questions or providing guidance to developers/users on GitHub, StackOverflow, Slack, etc.

    -Understanding user pain points and giving feedback to the product team for creating better products.

  • Community Building

    -Continuously developing and refining Milvus Ambassador Program to keep the DevRel working group growing.

    -Helping community members to find and join other appropriate Milvus SIGs.

The group members

  • Group leaders
    • Kate Shao (GitHub: kateshaowanjou)

The group communication channels

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