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Here you will learn about what Milvus is, and how to install, use, and deploy Milvus to build an application according to your business need. You will also find FAQs and API references here.

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Learn how to install Milvus using either Docker Compose or on Kubernetes.


Learn how to quickly run Milvus with sample code.


Learn how to build vector similarity search applications with Milvus.

What's new in docs

Nov 2021

Oct 2021

  • With the release of Milvus 2.0-RC7, we've made a number of compatibility and performance updates. Check out the Release Notes for details. Note that RC7 is not compatible with previous versions of Milvus 2.0.0 due to changes made to storage format.
  • Tutorials are updated with direct links to Jupyter notebook, GitHub repos, and online demos. Read the latest tutorial about how to use Milvus to build a DNA sequence classification model.
  • The list of Milvus adoptors is further extended with more use cases added to the blog. Let us know if your organization also uses Milvus and would like to be mentioned as well.