About the Community

The Milvus community is comprised of users, contributors, and culture that unite our community and inspire new ideas, collaboration, and mutual learning. Our open-source community files issues and pull requests, attends events, advocates for greater adoption of Milvus, and makes many other valuable contributions. Read on to learn how you can get involved and become part of this amazing community.

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    Build the cloud-native vector database through community collaboration.

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    Learn knowledge and skills as active community participants.

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    Grow into an expert on all things Milvus in community.

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    Share best practices and lessons learned with the community at large.

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Milvus Top Advocates

  • Guoqin Huang
    Guoqin HuangVip.comSoftware Developer
  • Tingting Wang
    Tingting WangSohuNLP engineer
  • Yang Li
    Yang LiFocus TechnologySoftware Developer
  • Wei Huang
    Wei HuangTrendMicroSoftware Developer
  • Anzhe Wen
    Anzhe WenQichachaSoftware Developer

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    Milvus Technical Meeting

    Join our next meeting to be involved in the discussion and decision making of Milvus‘ latest features and development timeline.

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    We host events, often. Click to find out the upcoming events near you.

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    We upload videos, often. Click to watch the video tutorials,webinar replays and other video contents.

Community Partners

  • ONNX
  • PP飞桨
  • Haystack
  • Pulsar
  • JuiceFS
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