Monitoring and Alerting


It is critical to actively monitor the overall performance of a system running in production, and to create alerting rules that promptly send notifications when there are events that require investigation or intervention.

Milvus uses the following monitoring and alerting solutions:

  • Prometheus to store and monitor its metrics:

    • Prometheus server which scrapes and stores time series data.
    • Client libraries for instrumenting monitoring metrics.
    • Pushgateway to push metric data and ensure short-lived monitoring metrics, which may not be scraped in time, to be exposed to Prometheus.
    • Alertmanager for alert handling.
  • Grafana, an open source platform for time-series analytics, to visualize various performance metrics.


Milvus collects monitoring data and pushes it to Pushgateway. At the same time, the Prometheus server periodically pulls data from Pushgateway and saves it to its time-series database. The following graph shows how Prometheus works in Milvus:


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