Monitor Milvus 2.0 with Prometheus Operator on Kubernetes

Prometheus is an open-source toolkit for monitoring Kubernetes implementations.

Prometheus endpoint

Prometheus exports metrics of each Milvus 2.0 component at http://<component-host>:9091/metrics. Use Prometheus to pull data from endpoints set by exporters.

Prometheus Operator

Prometheus Operator is an extension to Kubernetes for automated and effective management of Prometheus monitoring instances. Using Prometheus Operator saves you the trouble of manually adding metric targets and service providers.

Overall architecture

The ServiceMonitor Custom Resource Definition (CRD) allows you to declaratively define how a dynamic set of services should be monitored, and select which services to monitor with the desired configuration using label selections. With Prometheus Operator, you can introduce conventions around how metrics are exposed. New services can be automatically discovered following the convention you set without the need for manual reconfiguration.



Kube-prometheus collects Kubernetes manifests, Grafana dashboards, and Prometheus rules combined with documentation and scripts to provide easy to operate end-to-end Kubernetes cluster monitoring with Prometheus using the Prometheus Operator.

Create a monitoring stack using the config in the manifests directory:

git clone
kubectl create -f manifests/setupuntil kubectl get servicemonitors --all-namespaces ; do date; sleep 1; echo ""; done
kubectl create -f manifests/

Teardown the stack:

kubectl delete --ignore-not-found=true -f manifests/ -f manifests/setup

Access the dashboards:

kubectl --namespace monitoring port-forward svc/prometheus-k8s 9090
kubectl --namespace monitoring port-forward svc/grafana 3000

Now you can access Prometheus via http://localhost:9090, and Grafana via http://localhost:3000. You can also access Grafana using the default Grafana user:password of admin:admin.

Enable ServiceMonitor with Milvus Helm Chart

The ServiceMonitor is not enabled for Milvus Helm by default. After installing Prometheus Operator in the Kubernetes cluster, you can enable it by adding metrics.serviceMontior.enabled=true parameter.

helm install my-release milvus/milvus --set cluster.enabled=true --set metrics.serviceMonitor.enabled=true

When Helm installation completes, use kubectl to check the ServiceMonitor resource.

kubectl get servicemonitor
NAME                           AGE
my-release-milvus              54s

Visualize metrics in Grafana

While Prometheus shows metrics in a graph, Grafana is a more powerful visualization tool that can be easily integrated with Prometheus.

Download and import Milvus dashboard from json:



Select Milvus instance:


You can see the Milvus components panel.


Add an alert in Grafana:

To add an alert for the memory usage of Milvus components, edit the Memory panel, and add a new query with the following metric process_resident_memory_bytes{app_kubernetes_io_name="milvus", app_kubernetes_io_instance=~"my-release", namespace="default"}:


Save the dashboard, and wait a few minutes to see the alert.


  1. Grafana alert query does not support template variables. Therefore, you should add a second query without any template variables in the labels and rename the second query as A.


  1. To receive alert notifications, add a notification channel, and then specify the channel in the field Send to.
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