About Milvus Bootcamp

Milvus bootcamps are designed to expose users to both the simplicity and depth of the vector database. Discover how to run benchmark tests as well as build similarity search applications spanning chatbots, recommendation systems, reverse image search, molecular search, and much more.



  • Image Similarity Search


    Build a reverse image search system using Milvus paired with YOLOv3 for object detection and ResNet-50 for feature extraction.

    Live Demo
  • Question Answering System


    Build an intelligent chatbot using Milvus and the BERT model for natural language processing (NLP).

    Live Demo
  • Recommendation System


    Build an AI-powered movie recommendation system using Milvus paired with PaddlePaddle’s deep learning framework.

  • Video Similarity Search


    Build a video similarity search engine using Milvus and a VGG neural network.

  • Audio Similarity Search


    Build an audio search engine using Milvus paired with PANNs for audio pattern recognition.

  • Molecular Similarity Search


    Build a molecule similarity search system using Milvus paired with RDkit for cheminformatics.

    Live Demo


  • Distributed deployment with Mishards

    Build a Milvus cluster using Mishards, a sharding middleware.

  • Distributing Mishards with Kubernetes

    Install shared storage and build a Milvus cluster with Mishards, a sharding middleware, using both Helm and Kubectl.

  • Milvus cloud NFS using JuiceFS

    Enable Milvus nodes to share data using JuiceFS, a standard POSIX file system interface.

  • Highly available Milvus using keepalived

    Deploy a highly available Milvus distribution using Keepalived.

  • Load balanced Milvus using nginx

    Deploy a load balanced Milvus distribution using NGINX, which can distribute requests to multiple server nodes.

  • Milvus in Google Colaboratory

    Set up Milvus in Google Colab, a free Jupyter notebook environment that runs entirely in the cloud and is especially well suited to machine learning and data analysis.


  • Milvus and ONNX

    Build a reverse image search system with Milvus using various AI models in collaboration with the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX).

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