Milvus Adopters

Milvus is trusted by over 1,000 organizations worldwide and has applications in almost every industry. What follows is a list of Milvus users that have adopted the software in production.

Company Industry User Story
Beike Real estate Making With Milvus: AI-Infused Proptech for Personalized Real Estate Search Medical Software Semantic Search with Milvus, Knowledge Graph QA, Web Crawlers and more!
EnjoyMusic Technology Entertainment Item-based Collaborative Filtering for Music Recommender System
Getir Instant Grocery
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Information technology
Juicedata Software
Kingsoft Software Building an AI-Powered Writing Assistant for WPS Office
Lucidworks Software Build Semantic Search at Speed
Meetsocial Group Marketing
Miao Health Health technology
Mozat Online social
Opera Software
Sohu Internet Building an Intelligent News Recommendation System Inside Sohu News App
The Cleveland Museum of Art Arts ArtLens AI: Share Your View
Tokopedia Online Retail How we used semantic search to make our search 10x smarter
TrendMicro Software Making with Milvus: Detecting Android Viruses in Real Time for Trend Micro
Ufoto Software
Vipshop Online Retail
Vova Online Retail Building a Search by Image Shopping Experience with VOVA and Milvus
Xiaomi Consumer electronics Making with Milvus: AI-Powered News Recommendation Inside Xiaomi's Mobile Browser
iYUNDONG Sports Extracting Event Highlights Using iYUNDONG Sports App
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