Milvus Roadmap


Milvus 2.0 time schedule

Next few big releases:

  • Milvus 2.1: 2021.11
  • Milvus 2.2: 2022.2

Roadmap features


Version Feature Owner Status Comment
2.0.0-rc Supports numerical scalar data types done
2.0 Supports string data types czs007, dragondriver in progress
2.0 Collection alias lsgrep in progress
2.1 Supports Scalar bitmap/inverted Index for string and numeric data types pending
2.1 Supports data life cycle management pending
2.1 Automatic data partition pending
2.2 Collection rename pending


Version Feature Owner Status Comment
2.0.0-rc Supports scalar filtering done
2.0.0-rc Supports for query by id done
2.0 Supports query by expression fishpenguin in progress
2.0 Supports delete by id pending
2.1 Supports search by id pending
2.1 Vector similarity search by distance pending
2.2 Supports search/query result pagination pending
2.2 Supports upsert/primary key deduplication pending


Version Feature Owner Status Comment
2.0.0-rc Supports time travel to any specified point in time done
2.0.0-rc Offers three levels of tunable consistency: strong, session, consistent prefix done
2.0 Segment compaction sunby pending
2.0 Implements dynamic load balancing sunby, xige-16 pending
2.0 mplements dynamic handoff xige-16, bigsheeper pending
2.0 Calculate distance between embeddings yhmo in progress
2.1 Multi tenant support and access control pending
2.2 Change data capture pending
Long Term Adopts incremental backup pending
Long Term Supports static data encryption pending
Long Term Offers embedding-as-service through data importer/transformer pending


Version Feature Owner Status Comment
2.0 Milvus 2.0 performance benchmark and tuning czs007, dragondriver pending
2.1 Supports GPU Index building and embedding retrieval shengjun1985 pending
2.1 Data bulkload pending
2.1 Adopts cost-based query optimization algorithm to improve hybrid search efficiency pending
2.1 Supports ScaNN Index pending
2.2 Supports on-disk vector indexing pending
Long Term Supports FPGA and other Heterogeneous hardware pending
Long Term Automatic index optimization pending


Version Feature Owner Status Comment
2.0.0-rc Fully managed failure recovery and service discovery done
2.0.0-rc Python SDK test done
2.0 Chaos test yanliang567 pending
2.0 Pressure test del-zhenwu pending
2.1 Supports segment in memory replicas done
2.1 Flow control && back pressure support pending
2.2 Query node resource isolation pending

Ease Of Use

Version Feature Owner Status Comment
2.0.0-rc Helm installation done
2.0.0-rc Support of Milvus Insight, a Milvus visual management tool in progress
2.0 Prometheus, Grafana and Jaeger support zwd1208 in progress
2.0 Milvus k8s operator zwd1208, jeffoverflow pending
2.1 Multi datacenter deployment and multi-cloud integration pending
2.2 Embedded Milvus that runs on laptops pending
Long Term Dynamic cluster expansion/shrink pending


Version Feature Owner Status Comment
2.0.0-rc Python ORM-style APIs done
2.0 Merge Pymilvus ORM and Pymilvus XuanYang-cn in progress
2.0 Supports NodeJs APIs nameczz,shanghaikid in progress SDK is ready to use, and We will keep updating it.
2.0 Supports Java SDK pending
2.0 Supports Go SDK congqixia in progress
2.1 Supports Restful APIs pending
2.1 Supports C++ SDK pending
Long Term SQL-like Query Language pending


Version Feature Owner Status Comment
2.0 Integrates S3 done
2.1 Integrates Kafka pending
2.1 Integrates JuiceFS pending
2.1 Data stored over local/distributed filesystems pending
2.2 Integrates distributed KV stores such as HBase/TiKV/FoundationDB pending
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