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Search Data with Attu

This topic describes how to search data with Attu.

On the basis of the regular vector similarity search, you can perform hybrid search of search with Time Travel.

Load the collection to memory

All CRUD operations within Milvus are executed in memory. Load the collection to memory before conducting a vector similarity search. See Load a collection for more instruction.

Search Data Search Data

Set search parameters

  1. Select the collection and the vector field you wish to search in in the dropdown lists of the Choose collection and field section.
  2. In the Enter vector value field, enter a vector (or vectors) with the same dimensions of the selected field as the target vector(s) to search with.
  3. In the Set search parameters section, specify the specific parameter(s) to the index and other search-related parameters.

Search Data Search Data

Hybrid search with advanced filters (optional)

Click Advanced Filter and the Advanced Filter dialog box appears. You can use the AND or OR operators to combine multiple conditions into a compound condition. The filter expression updates automatically with any changes to the conditions. See boolean expression rule for more information.

Search Data Search Data

Search with Time Travel (optional)

Milvus maintains a timeline for all data insert and delete operations. It allows users to specify a timestamp in a search to retrieve a data view at a specified point in time.

  1. Click Time Travel, and select a time point in the dialog box that appears.

Search Data Search Data

  1. Specify the number of search results to return in the TopK dropdown list.
  2. Click Search to retrieve the nearest search results, which indicate the most similar vectors.

Search Data Search Data Search Data Search Data


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