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Install Attu with Docker Compose

This topic describes how to install Attu with Docker Compose, an efficient open-source management tool for Milvus.


Attu only supports Milvus 2.x.

Milvus to Attu Version Mapping

Milvus VersionRecommended Attu Image Version

Start an Attu instance

docker run -p 8000:3000 -e HOST_URL=http://{ your machine IP }:8000 -e MILVUS_URL={your machine IP}:19530 zilliz/attu:latest

Once you start the docker, visit http://{ your machine IP }:8000 in your browser, and click Connect to enter the Attu service.

Attu_install Attu_install


Attu is an open-source project. All contributions are welcome. Please read our Contribute guide before making contributions.

If you find a bug or want to request a new feature, please create a GitHub Issue, and make sure that the same issue has not been created by someone else.