Install Milvus Offline

This page will show you how to install Milvus in offline environment. Relevant files can be downloaded at GitHub.

Download Docker Images

Installation of Milvus may fail when images are not properly loaded from public Docker registries. To install Milvus offline, you need to pull all images and save them into a directory that can be moved to the target host and loaded manually.

  1. Update Helm Repository:
helm repo add milvus
helm repo update
  1. Get Kubernetes manifest of Milvus:
  • For Milvus standalone
helm template my-release milvus/milvus > milvus_manifest.yaml
  • For Milvus cluster
helm template --set cluster.enabled=true my-release milvus/milvus > milvus_manifest.yaml
  1. Pull and save the Docker images:
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 --manifest milvus_manifest.yaml
The Docker images will be stored under images directory.
  1. Load the Docker images:
cd images/for image in $(find . -type f -name "*.tar.gz") ; do gunzip -c $image | docker load; done

Install Milvus

To install Milvus offline, run:

kubectl apply -f milvus_manifest.yaml

Uninstall Milvus

To Uninstall Milvus, run:

kubectl delete -f milvus_manifest.yaml
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