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Configure Milvus with Helm Charts

This topic describes how to configure Milvus components and its third-party dependencies with Helm charts.

In current release, all parameters take effect only after Milvus restarts.

Configure Milvus via configuration file

You can configure Milvus with a configuration file values.yaml.

Download a configuration file

Download values.yaml directly or with the following command.

$ wget

Modify the configuration file

Configure your Milvus instance to suit your application scenarios by adjusting corresponding parameters in values.yaml.

Check the following links for more information about each parameter.

Sorted by:

For other parameters specifically to Kubernetes installation, See Milvus Helm Chart Configuration.

Start Milvus

Having finished modifying the configuration file, you can then start Milvus with the file.

$ helm upgrade my-release milvus/milvus -f values.yaml

Configure Milvus via command line

Alternatively, you can upgrade Milvus configurations directly with the Helm command.

Check the configurable parameters

Before upgrade, you can check the configurable parameters with Helm charts.

$ helm show values milvus/milvus

Start Milvus

Configure and start Milvus by adding --values or --set in the command for upgrade.

# For instance, upgrade the Milvus cluster with compaction disabled
$ helm upgrade my-release milvus/milvus --set dataCoord.enableCompaction=false

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