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Install Attu

This topic describes how to install Attu, an efficient open-source management tool for Milvus.


  • Kubernetes 1.16 or later
  • Helm 3.0.0 or later
Attu only supports Milvus 2.x.

Install Helm Chart for Milvus

Helm is a Kubernetes package manager that can help you deploy Milvus quickly.

  1. Add Milvus Helm repository.
$ helm repo add milvus
  1. Update charts locally.
$ helm repo update

Install Attu while installing Milvus

Start Milvus and Attu with Helm by specifying the release name, the chart, and the parameters that indicate the installation of Attu. This topic uses my-release as the release name. To use a different release name, replace my-release in the command.

Kubernetes provides four service modes: ClusterIp, Ingress, LoadBalancer, and NodePort. The default service mode of Attu is ClusterIp. You can choose the service mode that suits your application by configuring the parameters attu.service.type and attu.ingress.enable.

  1. Install Milvus and Attu
helm install my-release milvus/milvus --set attu.enabled=true
  1. Forward the Attu service to local port 3000.
kubectl port-forward service/my-release-milvus-attu 3000
  1. Visit http://my-release-milvus-attu:3000/connect in your browser, and click Connect to enter the Attu service.

Attu_install Attu_install


Attu is an open-source project. All contributions are welcome. Please read our Contribute guide before making contributions.

If you find a bug or want to request a new feature, please create a GitHub Issue, and make sure that the same issue has not been created by someone else.


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