User Guide

Follow the step-by-step instructions to learn about the basic database features that Milvus has to offer.

  • Manage Milvus Connections: Learn how to connect to or disconnect from a Milvus server.

  • Manage Collections: A Milvus collection is similar to a table in traditional databases and is used to store and manage data. Learn about the collection-level operations.

  • Manage Partitions: A partition is a division of a collection. Learn about the partition-level operations.

  • Manage Data: Learn how to insert, delete, and compact data in Milvus.

  • Manage Indexes: Learn how to build or drop indexes.

  • Search and Query: Learn how to conduct a vector similarity search, a vector query, or a hybrid search by pairing up vector similarity search with attribute filtering.

  • Search with Time Travel: Learn how to utilize Time Travel to query, restore, and back up data in the past.

  • Calculate Distance: Learn how to calculate vector distances with the parameters you specify.

  • Bootcamp: Hands-on instructions on how to build similarity search applications with Milvus.

Table of contents

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