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Install MilvusDM

MilvusDM is an open-source tool designed specifically for importing and exporting data with Milvus. This page shows you how to install MilvusDM.

The pymilvusdm2.0 is used for migrating data from Milvus(0.10.x or 1.x) to Milvus2.x.

Before you begin

Ensure you meet the requirements for operating system and software before installing MilvusDM.

Operating systemSupported versions
CentOS7.5 or higher
Ubuntu LTS18.04 or higher
Milvus0.10.x or 1.x or 2.x
Python33.7 or higher
pip3Should be in correspondence to the Python version.

Install MilvusDM

  1. Add the following two lines to the ~/.bashrc file:
export MILVUSDM_PATH='/home/$user/milvusdm'
export LOGS_NUM=0
  • MILVUSDM_PATH: This parameter defines the working path of MilvusDM. Logs and data generated by MilvusDM will be stored in this path. The default value is /home/$user/milvusdm.

  • LOGS_NUM: MilvusDM generates one log file each day. This parameter defines the number of log files you would like to save. The default value is 0, which means all log files are saved.

  1. Configure environment variables:
$ source ~/.bashrc
  1. Install MilvusDM with pip:
$ pip3 install pymilvusdm==2.0