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Milvus Standalone System Configurations

Milvus standalone maintains many system variables that configure the operation. All configurations can be set manually before server startup. Each configuration has a default value, which can be used directly.

All parameters take effect only after being configured at the startup of Milvus.

If you are an entry-level user of Milvus, you only need to change the following two configurations to primarily adapt Milvus to your test / development / production environment.

Log Configurations

This session configures the system log output. Using Milvus generates a collection of logs. By default, Milvus uses logs to record information at debug or even higher level for standard output (stdout) and standard error (stderr). You can set these configurations in milvus.yaml under milvus/configs directory.

Configuration Description Default Value
Log level in Milvus
  • You can configure this parameter as debug, info, warn, error, panic, or fatal.
  • We recommend using debug level under test and development environments, and info level in production environment.
  • debug
    Root path to the log files
  • The default value is set empty, indicating to output log files to standard output (stdout) and standard error (stderr).
  • If this parameter is set to a valid local path, Milvus log will be written and stored in this path.
  • Set this parameter as the path that you have permission to write. We recommend using /tmp/milvus.
  • ""
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