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Deploying FastGPT with Milvus

FastGPT is a knowledge-based question and answer system built on the LLM large language model, offering ready-to-use capabilities for data processing and model invocation. Furthermore, it enables workflow orchestration through Flow visualization, thus facilitating complex question and answer scenarios. This tutorial will guide you on how to swiftly deploy your own exclusive FastGPT application using Milvus.

Download docker-compose.yml

Ensure that you have already installed Docker Compose.
Execute the command below to download the docker-compose.yml file.

$ mkdir fastgpt
$ cd fastgpt
$ curl -O

# milvus version
$ curl -o docker-compose.yml
# zilliz version
# curl -o docker-compose.yml

If you're using the Zilliz version, adjust the MILVUS_ADDRESS and MILVUS_TOKEN link parameters in the docker-compose.yml file, which corresponds to the Public Endpoint and Api key in Zilliz Cloud.

Launch the Container

Execute in the same directory as docker-compose.yml. Ensure that the docker-compose version is ideally above 2.17, as some automation commands may not function otherwise.

# Launch the container
$ docker-compose up -d
# Wait for 10s, OneAPI typically needs to restart a few times to initially connect to Mysql
$ sleep 10
# Restart oneapi (Due to certain issues with the default Key of OneAPI, it will display 'channel not found' if not restarted, this can be temporarily resolved by manually restarting once, while waiting for the author's fix)
$ docker restart oneapi

Access OneAPI to Add Models

OneAPI can be accessed at ip:3001. The default username is root, and the password is 123456. You can alter the password after logging in.
Using OpenAI's model as an example, click on the "Channel" tab, and select your chat model and embedding model under "Models".
Input your OpenAI API Key in the "Secrets" section.
For the use of models beyond OpenAI, and further information, please consult One API.

Setting Tokens

Click on the "Tokens" tab. By default, there is a token Initial Root Token. You can also create a new token and set a quota on your own.
Click "Copy" on your token, ensuring that the value of this token matches the CHAT_API_KEY value set in the docker-compose.yml file.

Accessing FastGPT

At present, FastGPT can be directly accessed at ip:3000 (please mind the firewall). The login username is root, with the password set to DEFAULT_ROOT_PSW within the docker-compose.yml environment variable. Should you require domain name access, you would need to install and configure Nginx on your own.

Stop the Container

Run the following command to stop the container.

$ docker-compose down