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RocksMQ-related Configurations

This topic introduces the RocksMQ-related configurations of Milvus.

RocksMQ is the underlying engine supporting Milvus standalone's reliable storage and publication/subscription of message streams. It is implemented on the basis of RocksDB.

Under this section, you can configure message size, retention time and size, etc.


Description Default Value
  • Prefix of the key to where Milvus stores data in RocksMQ.
  • Caution: Changing this parameter after using Milvus for a period of time will affect your access to old data.
  • It is recommended to change this parameter before starting Milvus for the first time.
  • Set an easy-to-identify root key prefix for Milvus if etcd service already exists.
  • /var/lib/milvus/rdb_data


    Description Default Value
  • The maximum size of messages in each page in RocksMQ. Messages in RocksMQ are checked and cleared (when expired) in batch based on this parameters.
  • Unit: Byte
  • 2147483648


    Description Default Value
  • The maximum retention time of acked messages in RocksMQ. Acked messages in RocksMQ are retained for the specified period of time and then cleared.
  • Unit: Minute
  • 10080


    Description Default Value
  • The maximum retention size of acked messages of each topic in RocksMQ. Acked messages in each topic are cleared if their size exceed this parameter.
  • Unit: MB
  • 8192


    Description Default Value
  • Time interval to trigger rocksdb compaction to remove deleted data.
  • Unit: Second
  • 86400


    Description Default Value
  • Rocksdb cache memory ratio.
  • 0.06