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This operation revokes a privilege already assigned to a role.

revokePrivilege(data): Promise<ResStatus>

Request Syntax

   roleName: string,
   object: RbacObjects,
   objectName: string,
   privilegeName: PrivilegesTypes


  • roleName (string) -


    The name of the role to revoke privileges from.

  • object (RbacObjects) -


    The type of the privilege object to assign.

    Possible values from the RbacObjects enumeration object are Global, Collection, and User.

  • objectName (str) -


    The name of the API to assign.

    You can either use the wildcard (*) to include all applicable APIs in the specified privilege or fill in a specific API. For details, refer to the Relevant API column in the table on page Users and Roles.

  • privilegeName (PrivilegesTypes) -


    The name of the privilege to assign. You can use any value in the Enumeration Members column of the following table.

    Privilege Types

    Enumeration Members


    All, CreatAlias, CreateCollection, CreateDatabase, CreateOwnership, CreateResourceGroup, DescribeAlias, DescribeCollection, DescribeResourceGroup, DropAlias, DropCollection, DropDatabase, DropOwnership, DropResourceGroup, FlushAll, ListAliases, ListDatabases, ListResourceGroups, ManageOwnership, RenameCollection, SelectOwnership, ShowCollections, TransferNode, TransferReplica.


    Compaction, CreateIndex, CreatePartition, Delete, DropIndex, Drop Partition, Flush, GetFlushState, GetLoadState, GetLoadingProgress, GetStatistics, HasPartition, Import, IndexDetails, Insert, Load, LoadBalance, Query, Release, Search, ShowPartitions, Upsert


    SelectUser, UpdateUser

    For details, refer to the Privilege name column in the table on page Users and Roles.

  • timeout (float | None)

    The timeout duration for this operation.

    Setting this to None indicates that this operation timeouts when any response arrives or any error occurs.

RETURNS Promise<ResStatus>

This method returns a promise that resolves to a ResStatus object.

    code: number,
    error_code: string | number,
    reason: string


  • code (number) -

    A code that indicates the operation result. It remains 0 if this operation succeeds.

  • error_code (string | number) -

    An error code that indicates an occurred error. It remains Success if this operation succeeds.

  • reason (string) -

    The reason that indicates the reason for the reported error. It remains an empty string if this operation succeeds.


   roleName: 'roleName',
   object: '*',
   objectName: 'Collection',
   privilegeName: 'CreateIndex'