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This operation assigns a privilege to a role.

grantPrivilege(data): Promise<ResStatus>

Request Syntax

   roleName: string,
   object: string,
   objectName: string,
   privilegeName: string,
   timeout?: number


  • roleName (string) -


    The name of the role to assign privileges to.

  • object (string) -


    The type of the privilege object to assign.

    Possible values are Global, Collection, and User.

  • objectName (string) -


    The name of the API to assign. For details, refer to the Relevant API column in the table on page Users and Roles.

  • privilegeName (string) -


    The name of the privilege to assign.

    For details, refer to the Privilege name column in the table on page Users and Roles.

  • timeout (number)

    The timeout duration for this operation.

    Setting this to None indicates that this operation timeouts when any response arrives or any error occurs.

RETURNS Promise<ResStatus>

This method returns a promise that resolves to a ResStatus object.

    code: number,
    error_code: string | number,
    reason: string


  • code (number) -

    A code that indicates the operation result. It remains 0 if this operation succeeds.

  • error_code (string | number) -

    An error code that indicates an occurred error. It remains Success if this operation succeeds.

  • reason (string) -

    The reason that indicates the reason for the reported error. It remains an empty string if this operation succeeds.


   roleName: 'roleName',
   object: '*',
   objectName: 'Collection',
   privilegeName: 'CreateIndex'

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