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This operation describes a specific role.

describeRole(data): Promise<SelectRoleResponse>

Request Syntax

    includeUserInfo?: boolean,
    roleName: string,
    timeout?: number


  • roleName (string) -


    The name of the role to describe.

  • includeUserInfo (boolean) -

    A boolean value indicating whether to include user information.

  • timeout (number)

    The timeout duration for this operation.

    Setting this to None indicates that this operation timeouts when any response arrives or any error occurs.

Returns Promise<SelectRoleResponse>

This method returns a promise that resolves to a SelectRoleResponse object.

    results: RoleResult[],
    status:  ResStatus


  • RoleResult (RoleResult[]) -

    • entities (GrantEntity[]) -

      • db_name (string) -

        The name of the database(s) that the current role can access.

      • grantor (Grantor) -

        • privilege (string) -

          The privileges of the grantor

        • user (string) -

          The name of grantor.

      • object (ObjectEntity) -

        • name (RbacObjects) -

          The object of the role. Possible values include Collection, Global, and User.

      • object_name (string) -

        The name of the object.

      • role (RoleEntity) -

        • name (string) -

          The name of the current role.

    • role (RoleEntity) -

      • name (string) -

        The name of the current role.

    • users (User[]) -

      • name (string) -

        The name(s) of the user(s) with the specified role.

  • ResStatus

    A ResStatus object.

    • code (number) -

      A code that indicates the operation result. It remains 0 if this operation succeeds.

    • error_code (string | number) -

      An error code that indicates an occurred error. It remains Success if this operation succeeds.

    • reason (string) -

      The reason that indicates the reason for the reported error. It remains an empty string if this operation succeeds.


milvusClient.describeRole({roleName: 'myrole'});