Rename a Collection

If you want to rename a collection, you can use the collection-renaming API to interact with Milvus. This guide helps you understand how to rename an existing collection using the SDK of your choice.

In the following code snippet, we create a collection and name it old_collection. Then we rename it new_collection.

from pymilvus import Collection, utility

collection = Collection(name="old_collection", schema=schema)
utility.rename_collection("old_collection", "new_collection")
import io.milvus.client.*;
import io.milvus.param.*;

RenameCollectionParam renameCollectionParam = new RenameCollectionParam.newBuilder()

// Not available yet
const { MilvusClient } = require('@zilliz/milvus2-sdk-node');

const client = new MilvusClient({ address, username, password });

    collection_name: "old_collection",
    new_collection_name: "new_collection"
}).then(res => {
using Milvus.Client;

var collection = milvusClient.GetCollection("old_collection").RenameAsync("new_collection");

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