Modify a collection

This topic describes how to modify the properties, especially the time to live (TTL), of a collection.

Currently, the TTL feature is only available in Python.

collection = Collection("books")
collection.set_properties(properties={"collection.ttl.seconds": 1800})
AlterCollectionParam alterCollectionParam = AlterCollectionParam.newBuilder
client.AlterCollection(context.Background(), "books", entity.CollectionTTL(1800))

The example above changes the collection TTL to 1800 seconds.

Parameter Description Option
Properties: collection.ttl.seconds Collection time to live (TTL) is the expiration time of data in a collection. Expired data in the collection will be cleaned up and will not be involved in searches or queries. Specify TTL in the unit of seconds. The value should be 0 or greater. The default value is 0, which means TTL is disabled.

TTL only happens after compaction which means the expired data will be invisible and GC after segment compacted.

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