Before you Begin

Before proceeding to installation, you must check the eligibility of your hardware and software.

CPU support

Milvus' computing operations depend on CPU’s support for SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) extension instruction set. Whether your CPU supports SIMD extension instruction set is crucial to index building and vector similarity search within Milvus. Ensure that your CPU supports at least one of the following SIMD instruction sets:

  • SSE4.2
  • AVX
  • AVX2
  • AVX512

Run the lscpu command to check if your CPU supports the SIMD instruction sets mentioned above:

lscpu | grep -e sse4_2 -e avx -e avx2 -e avx512

Check Wikipedia CPU with AVX for more details.

Check your Docker and Docker Compose version

  • Docker version 19.03 or higher is required.
Follow Get Docker to install Docker on your system.
  • Docker Compose version 1.25.1 or higher is required.
See Install Docker Compose for Docker Compose installation guide.

Install Docker Desktop

Operating system Requirements
macOS Install Docker for Mac. See installation instructions.
Note: Set the Docker virtual machine (VM) to have at least 2 vCPU (virtual CPU) and 8 GB of initial memory. Otherwise, installation may fail.
Note: Milvus contemporarily does not support Apple M1 CPU.
Linux with local Docker Install Docker according to the instructions for your operating system.
Windows with Docker Desktop WSL2 backend Install Docker according to the instructions.
Store sources in the local Linux file system, not in the Windows remote mount at /mnt/c.
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