We chose Milvus because it is very user-friendly. Without Milvus, our semantic search wouldn’t have been 10x smarter!

by Rahul Yadav, Principal Engineer at Tokopedia

Milvus drastically accelerated retrieval of millions of semantic vectors. We saw a near tenfold advancement compared to how things were when we were using other vector similarity search engines.

by Tingting Wang, NLP algorithm engineer at Sohu

We are looking forward to any future updates from Milvus that could help us further optimize the shopping experience for our users.

by Jessie Ji, Java Software Engineer at VOVA

The fast similarity search provided by Milvus allows ArtLens AI to match user uploaded photos with visually similar art from the CMA’s massive collection in seconds.

by Anna Faxon and Haley Kedziora, Digital Project Managers at Cleveland Museum of Art

Without a vector search engine like Milvus, similarity searches would not be feasible across the entire vector space.

by Elizabeth Edmiston, Senior Software Engineer at Lucidworks

The Milvus community is very active and has an abundance of resources available for its users. This helped us quickly developed a minimum viable product (MVP) and significantly lowered the development costs.

by Zhaoxing Li, Senior Engineer at Opera

Without Milvus, building our news aggregator wouldn't have been possible. The platform maintains consistent performance levels even in situations with unusually high concurrency.

by Jie Yuan, Recommendation Algorithm Architect at Xiaomi

Milvus’ flexibility makes it easy to optimize machine learning projects to better fit different scenarios.

by  Lang Wang, Senior Software Engineer at Kingsoft


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    高性能的列式存储和 Faiss,HNSWLib 等向量索引保证了 Milvus 可以高效实现数据查询。通过利用 CPU SiMD,GPU, FPGA 的加速,Milvus 可以实现千万级向量数据毫秒级召回。

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    云原生设计使的 Milvus 可以轻松横向扩展,能够支持任意规模的存储和计算。微服务化使得用户可以按需扩展,甚至 Auto Scaling。

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    Milvus 帮助用户关注非结构化数据的语意本身,用户无需再关注 Sharding,数据持久化,负载均衡等复杂问题。Milvus 支持高性能向量标量混合查询,解锁了更多非结构化数据的处理方式。

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    Milvus 作为 Linux LF&AI 及基金会的毕业项目,支持了超过1000家以上的企业级用户。我们拥有一个活跃且开放的社区,欢迎加入。

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    Milvus 支持丰富的数据类型,并提供了完善的多语言支持。通过 ORM API,Milvus 可以在笔记本,本地集群和云上提供统一的使用体验。我们同时提供了丰富的部署和可视化工具帮助用户更快的上手和运维。

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