The most popular vector database for enterprise users

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Fuel your machine learning deployment

Store, index, and manage massive embedding vectors generated by deep neural networks and other machine learning (ML) models.
  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    With Milvus vector database, you can create a large scale similarity search service in less than a minute. Simple and intuitive SDKs are also available for a variety of different languages.

  • Blazing Fast

    Blazing Fast

    Milvus is hardware efficient and provides advanced indexing algorithms, achieving a 10x performance boost in retrieval speed.

  • Highly Available

    Highly Available

    Milvus vector database has been battle-tested by over a thousand enterprise users in a variety of use cases. With extensive isolation of individual system components, Milvus is highly resilient and reliable.

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    Highly Scalable

    The distributed and high-throughput nature of Milvus makes it a natural fit for serving large scale vector data.

  • Cloud-native


    Milvus vector database adopts a systemic approach to cloud-nativity, separating compute from storage and allowing you to scale both up and out.

  • Feature-rich


    Support for various data types, enhanced vector search with attribute filtering, UDF support, configurable consistency level, time travel, and more.

# Download milvus-standalone-docker-compose.yml and save it as docker-compose.yml manually
wget -O docker-compose.yml
# In the same directory as the docker-compose.yml file, start up Milvus
sudo docker compose up -d
Install milvus in 2 minutes
New way to manage vector data
Vector search never so easy

Simplified development with Attu

(Thanks for contribution from Zilliz)

Perform CRUD or bulk operations
Browse, query, and manage collections
View Milvus cluster statistics