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Rename a Collection

If you want to rename a collection, you can use the collection-renaming API to interact with Milvus. This guide helps you understand how to rename an existing collection using the SDK of your choice.

When interacting with Milvus using Python code, you have the flexibility to choose between PyMilvus and MilvusClient (new). For more information, refer to Python SDK.

In the following code snippet, we create a collection and name it old_collection. Then we rename it new_collection.

from pymilvus import Collection, FieldSchema, CollectionSchema, DataType, connections, utility
schema = CollectionSchema(fields=[
...     FieldSchema("int64", DataType.INT64, description="int64", is_primary=True),
...     FieldSchema("float_vector", DataType.FLOAT_VECTOR, is_primary=False, dim=128),
... ])
collection = Collection(name="old_collection", schema=schema)
utility.rename_collection("old_collection", "new_collection") # Output: True
utility.has_collection("new_collection") # Output: False

For code examples in the flavor of other programming languages, keep watching.

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