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Here you will learn about what Milvus is, and how to install, use, and deploy Milvus to build an application according to your business need.

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Learn how to install Milvus using either Docker Compose or on Kubernetes.


Learn how to quickly run Milvus with sample code.


Learn how to build vector similarity search applications with Milvus.

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What's new in docs

Feb 2022

Jan 2022

  • Milvus announced its general availability release Milvus 2.0.0.
  • Added guidance on installing a Milvus standalone with APT or YUM.
  • Added documentation on how to configure Milvus.
  • Added the installation guide for Milvus GO SDK and Java SDk.
  • Add sample code in GO and Java in User Guide.


blog card cover
Dynamically Change Log Levels in the Milvus Vector Database
Learn how to adjust log level in Milvus without restarting the service.