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Upgrade Milvus Standalone with Docker Compose

This topic describes how to upgrade your Milvus using Docker Compose.

In normal cases, you can upgrade Milvus by changing its image. However, you need to migrate the metadata before any upgrade from v2.1.x to v2.4.6.

Due to security concerns, Milvus upgrades its MinIO to RELEASE.2023-03-20T20-16-18Z with the release of v2.2.5. Before any upgrades from previous Milvus Standalone releases installed using Docker Compose, you should create a Single-Node Single-Drive MinIO deployment and migrate existing MinIO settings and content to the new deployment. For details, refer to this guide.

Upgrade Milvus by changing its image

In normal cases, you can upgrade Milvus as follows:

  1. Change the Milvus image tag in docker-compose.yaml.

      container_name: milvus-standalone
      image: milvusdb/milvus:v2.4.6
  2. Run the following commands to perform the upgrade.

    docker compose down
    docker compose up -d

Migrate the metadata

  1. Stop all Milvus components.

    docker stop <milvus-component-docker-container-name>
  2. Prepare the configuration file migration.yaml for meta migration.

    # migration.yaml
      # Option: run/backup/rollback
      type: run
      runWithBackup: true
      sourceVersion: 2.1.4   # Specify your milvus version
      targetVersion: 2.4.6
      backupFilePath: /tmp/migration.bak
      type: etcd
        - milvus-etcd:2379  # Use the etcd container name
      rootPath: by-dev # The root path where data is stored in etcd
      metaSubPath: meta
      kvSubPath: kv
  3. Run the migration container.

    # Suppose your docker-compose run with the default milvus network,
    # and you put migration.yaml in the same directory with docker-compose.yaml.
    docker run --rm -it --network milvus -v $(pwd)/migration.yaml:/milvus/configs/migration.yaml milvusdb/meta-migration:v2.2.0 /milvus/bin/meta-migration -config=/milvus/configs/migration.yaml
  4. Start Milvus components again with the new Milvus image.

    // Run the following only after update the milvus image tag in the docker-compose.yaml
    docker compose down
    docker compose up -d

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