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This page lists common issues that may occur when running Milvus, as well as possible troubleshooting tips. Issues on this page fall into the following categories:

Boot issues

Boot errors are usually fatal. Run the following command to view error details:

$ docker logs <your milvus container id>

Runtime issues

Errors that occur during runtime may cause service breakdown. To troubleshoot this issue, check compatibility between the server and your client before moving forward.

API issues

These issues occur during API method calls between the Milvus server and your client. They will be returned to the client synchronously or asynchronously.

etcd crash issues

1. etcd pod pending

The etcd cluster uses pvc by default. StorageClass needs to be preconfigured for the Kubernetes cluster.

2. etcd pod crash

When an etcd pod crashes with Error: bad member ID arg (strconv.ParseUint: parsing "": invalid syntax), expecting ID in Hex, you can log into this pod and delete the /bitnami/etcd/data/member_id file.

3. Multiple pods keep crashing while etcd-0 is still running

You can run the following code if multiple pods keeps crashing while etcd-0 is still running.

kubectl scale sts <etcd-sts> --replicas=1
# delete the pvc for etcd-1 and etcd-2
kubectl scale sts <etcd-sts> --replicas=3

4. All pods crash

When all pods crash, try copying the /bitnami/etcd/data/member/snap/db file. Use to modify database data.

All Milvus metadata are kept in the key bucket. Back up the data in this bucket and run the following commands. Note that the prefix data in the by-dev/meta/session file does not require a backup.

kubectl kubectl scale sts <etcd-sts> --replicas=0
# delete the pvc for etcd-0, etcd-1, etcd-2
kubectl kubectl scale sts <etcd-sts> --replicas=1
# restore the backup data

If you need help solving a problem, feel free to:

  • Join our Slack channel and reach out for support from the Milvus team.
  • File an Issue on GitHub that includes details about your problem.