Monitor System with Attu

This topic describes how to monitor your Milvus system with Attu.

System view

Click the System View icon on the left-side navigation pane to visit the System View page.

System View System View

The System View dashboard consists of the following tiles:

  • Topology: Shows the structure of your Milvus instance. Click Milvus node or a coordinator node and the corresponding information appears in the Info tile on the right.
  • Info: Shows the system and configuration information of the selected node.

Node list view

All nodes managed by their parent coordinator node are listed in the table. You can sort the nodes by metrics including CPU Core Count, CPU Core Usage, Disk Usage, and Memory Usage.

Node List View Node List View

Right to the table is a mini topology showing the selected node and its coordinator node. Under the mini topology is a tile showing relevant information.

Click the down arrow to collapse rows in the table.