Query Data with Attu

This topic describes how to query data with Attu.

Query data with advanced filters

  1. Click the entry of the collection that you want to query data in, and the corresponding detail page appears.
  2. On the Data Query tab page, click the Filter icon and the Advanced Filter dialog box appears.
  3. Specify a complicated query condition such as color > 10 && color < 20 by using the Field Name dropdown lists, the Logic dropdown lists, the Value fields, and the AND operator. Then click Apply Filter to apply the query condition.

Query Data Query Data

  1. Click Query to retrieve all query results that match the query condition.

Query Data Query Data

Query data with Time Travel

TBD (Not supported yet)

Delete data

  1. Tick the entities you want to delete and click the Trash icon.
  2. Type delete to confirm the deletion in the Delete entities dialog box.
  3. Click Delete to delete the selected entities.

Delete Data Delete Data

You can perform a query to retrieve the deleted entities. No results will be returned if the deletion is successful.

Delete Data Delete Data