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An AzureConnectParam instance sets connection parameters for a RemoteBulkWriter instance.

class pymilvus.RemoteBulkWriter.AzureConnectParam


Constructs an AzureConnectParam object by a set of parameters, such as container_name, account_url, credential, etc.


An AzureConnectParam object defines the parameters necessary for Milvus to connect to an Azure blob storage bucket.

You need to create this object before initializing a RemoteBulkWriter object.

from pymilvus.RemoteBulkWriter import AzureConnectParam

connect_param = S3ConnectParam(
    container_name: str,
    conn_str: str,
    account_url: Optional[str] = None,
    credential: Optional[Union[str, Dict[str, str]]] = None,
    upload_chunk_size: int = 8 * 1024 * 1024,
    upload_concurrency: int = 4,


  • container_name (str)

    The name of the remote Azure blob storage container to connect to.

  • conn_str (str)

    A connection string to an Azure Storage account, which can be parsed to an account_url and a credential. To generate a connection string, read this link.

  • account_url (str)

    A string in format like https://<storage-account>

    Read this link for more info.

  • credential (str)

    Account access key for the account. Read this link for more info.

  • upload_chunk_size (int)

    If the blob size is larger than this value or unknown, the blob is uploaded in chunks by parallel connections. This parameter is passed to max_single_put_size of Azure. Read this link for more.

  • upload_concurrency (int)

    The maximum number of parallel connections to use when uploading in chunks.

    This parameter is passed to max_concurrency of Azure. Read this link for more.




An AzureConnectParam object.


  • Exception

    This exception will be raised if the connection fails.