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This operation creates an index for a specific collection.

createIndex(data): Promise<ResStatus>

Request Syntax

       collection_name: string,
       field_name: string,
       index_name?: string,
       index_type: string,
       metric_type: string,
       params?: KeyValueObj,
       timeout?: number


  • collection_name (string) -


    The name of an existing collection.

  • field_name (string) -


    The name of the field in which to create an index.

  • index_name (string) -

    The name of the index to create.

  • index_type (string) -

    The type of the index to create.

  • metric_type (string) -

    The metric type used to measure vector distance.

  • params (string) -

    Other index-specific parameters.

  • timeout (number) -

    The timeout duration for this operation. Setting this to None indicates that this operation timeouts when any response arrives or any error occurs.

RETURNS Promise<ResStatus>

This method returns a promise that resolves to a ResStatus object.

    code: number,
    error_code: string | number,
    reason: string


  • code (number) -

    A code that indicates the operation result. It remains 0 if this operation succeeds.

  • error_code (string | number) -

    An error code that indicates an occurred error. It remains Success if this operation succeeds.

  • reason (string) -

    The reason that indicates the reason for the reported error. It remains an empty string if this operation succeeds.


   collection_name: "my_collection",
   field_name: "vector_field",
   index_name: "vector_index"