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The enum for available data types, defined by RPC proto.

package io.milvus.grpc;
public enum DataType
Type Code Description
None 0 For internal usage.
Bool 1
Int8 2
Int16 3
Int32 4
Int64 5
Float 10
Double 11
String 20 Reserved. Do not use this.
VarChar 21 Variable-length string with a limit on the maximum length.
Array 22 Array data type. The element type can be one of the data types: Int8, Int16, Int32, Int64, Varchar, Bool, Float, or Double.
BinaryVector 100 Binary vector. Each dimension is represented by 1 bit.
FloatVector 101 Float vector. Each dimension is represented by 1 float(4 bits) value.
Float16Vector 102 Float16 vector. Each dimension is a 16-bit half-precision floating-point number.
BFloat16Vector 103 BFloat16 vector. Each dimension is a 16-bit floating-point number with reduced precision but the same exponent range as Float32.
SparseFloatVector 104 Sparse vectors represent words or phrases using vector embeddings where most elements are zeros. A sparse vector is a list of key-value pairs, the key type is an unsigned integer and the value type is Float32.