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A MilvusClient interface. This method gets the state of a bulkinsert task.

<GetImportStateResponse> getBulkInsertState(GetBulkInsertStateParam requestParam);


Use the GetBulkInsertStateParam.Builder to construct a GetBulkInsertStateParam object.

import io.milvus.param.GetBulkInsertStateParam;
GetBulkInsertStateParam.Builder builder = GetBulkInsertStateParam.newBuilder();

Methods of GetBulkInsertStateParam.Builder:

Method Description Parameters
withTask(Long task) Set the bulk insert task id returned by bulkInsert() to query. task: A task id.
build() Constructs a GetBulkInsertStateParam object N/A

The can throw the following exceptions:

  • ParamException: error if the parameter is invalid.


This method catches all the exceptions and returns an R<GetImportStateResponse> object.

  • If the API fails on the server side, it returns the error code and message from the server.

  • If the API fails by RPC exception, it returns R.Status.Unknown and the error message of the exception.

  • If the API succeeds, it returns a valid GetImportStateResponse held by the R template which you can use the task state.


A tool class to encapsulate the GetImportStateResponse.

import io.milvus.response.GetBulkInsertStateWrapper;
GetBulkInsertStateWrapper wrapper = new GetBulkInsertStateWrapper(response);

Methods of GetBulkInsertStateWrapper:

Method Description Parameters Returns
getTaskID() Gets ID of the bulk import task. N/A long
getAutoGeneratedIDs() Gets the long ID array for auto-id primary key, generated by bulk insert task. N/A List\
getState() Gets the state of the bulk insert task. N/A ImportState
getImportedCount() Gets how many rows were imported by the bulk insert task. N/A long
getCreateTimestamp() Gets the integer timestamp when this task is created. N/A
getCreateTimeStr() Gets the timestamp in string format when this task is created. N/A
getFailedReason() Gets fail reason of the bulk insert task if it failed. N/A String
getFiles() Gets target files of the bulk insert task. N/A
getCollectionName() Gets target collection name of the bulk insert task. N/A String
getPartitionName() Gets the target partition name of the bulk insert task. N/A
getProgress() Gets working progress percent value for a bulk insert task N/A int


package io.milvus.grpc;
public enum ImportState
State Code Description
Pending 0 The task is in the pending list
Failed 1 Task failed, use getFailedReason() to get the failed reason
Started 2 The task is dispatched to the data node, going to be executed.
Persisted 5 New segments have been generated and persisted.
Completed 6 The new segments have been accepted by the target collection. Datanode's work is done.
Failed and cleaned 7 The task failed, and the temporary data generated by this task has been cleaned.


import io.milvus.param.bulkinsert.*;

R<GetImportStateResponse> response = milvusClient.getBulkInsertState(GetBulkInsertStateParam.newBuilder()
if (response.getStatus() != R.Status.Success.getCode()) {