Why Contribute to the Milvus Community

Since 2019, people have been more concerned about how to move AI from labs to production. The biggest challenge was the lack of tools for AI application lifecycle management. The new buzzword MLOps (machine learning operations) came out since then.

Those days, people didn't even have a specialized database to store and serve the embedding vectors generated by models. That's why we initiated the Milvus open-source project, a high-performance, cloud-scale, low-running-cost vector database.

Milvus is a crucial component when we deploy AI applications in production. By developing the Milvus software, we are trying to supplement the machine learning toolchain. Thus users could meet the challenge of AI production deployment.

However, without the contributors, we will not succeed in this mission. We appreciate and encourage you to join the Milvus community and make contributions altogether.

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