This doc outlines the various responsibilities of contributor roles in The Milvus Project.

Role Responsibilities Requirements Defined by
Contributor Contributor in the community Made more than one contributions to the Milvus project List in All contributors
Reviewer Review contributions from other members History of review and authorship in a subproject [OWNERS] file reviewer entry
Maintainer Contributions acceptance approval Highly experienced active reviewer and contributor to a subproject [OWNERS] file approver entry
TSC members Ensure continued health of The Milvus Project Demonstrated responsibility and excellent technical judgement for The Milvus Project


The Milvus community welcomes various types of contributions, including but not limited to improving documentation, improving code, writing new features, and writing blogs about Milvus. Regardless of the contribution, as long as you have made any of the above contributions to the Milvus project, you can become a Milvus Contributor.

New contributors should be welcomed to the community by existing members, helped with PR workflow, and directed to relevant documentation and communication channels.

Defined by: All contributors

If you made contributions but not in this list, please file an issue.


Reviewers are able to review code for quality and correctness on some part of a subproject. They are knowledgeable about both the codebase and software engineering principles.

Defined by: reviewers entry in an OWNERS file in a repo owned by the Milvus project


  • Active contributor for at least 3 months
  • Review for at least 5 PRs
  • Have made over 20 commits to the codebase
  • Nominate by maintainers or TSC members


Maintainers are able to both review and approve code contributions. While code review is focused on code quality and correctness, approval is focused on holistic acceptance of a contribution including: backwards / forwards compatibility, adhering to API and flag conventions, subtle performance and correctness issues, interactions with other parts of the system, etc.

Defined by: approvers entry in an OWNERS file in a repo owned by the Milvus project


  • Reviewer of the codebase for at least 3 months
  • Primary reviewer for at least 10 PRs to the codebase
  • Main contributor to the codebase
  • Nominated by a maintainer or tsc members owner

TSC(Technical Steering Committee) members

The TSC is elected by the community. The TSC’s work includes:

  • Ensure continued health of Milvus project
  • Set technical direction and priorities for the community
  • Mentor and guide maintainers, reviewers, and contributors to the project

Defined by:

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