Manage Partitions

A partition is a division of a collection. Milvus supports dividing collection data into multiple parts on physical storage so that search and other operations can be limited to one partition to improve performance. Learn about the partition-level operations.

  • Create a Partition: Create a partition with the example of creating a novel partition within a book collection.

  • Check Partition Information: Check the basic information of a partition in Milvus including its name.

  • Drop a Partition: Caution is needed as the delete operation irreversibly drops the partition and all data within it.

  • Load a Partition: Load the partition to memory before a search or a query instead of loading the whole collection can significantly reduce memory usage. Milvus 2.1 now supports loading a partition as multiple replicas.

  • Release a Partition: Release a partition from memory after a search or a query to reduce memory usage.

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