How Can I Contribute?

Contributions to Milvus are not limited to writing code. What follows are different ways to participate in the Milvus project and engage with our vibrant open-source community:

Contribute Code

Contribution type Description
Report a bug To report a problem with Milvus, file an issue on GitHub. Include detailed information about the problem you've encountered.
Contribute code You can fix a bug for any outstanding issues on GitHub, improve the code, or propose a design or implementation for a new Milvus feature. See Code Contribution Guide for the contribution conventions and best practices.
Contribute a test case See Guidelines for Test Framework.
Review or approve code changes Review or approve pull requests for the Milvus project as a reviewer or maintainer.

Contribute to Milvus' Documentation

Contribution type Description
Report or fix a technical documentation issue You can either click edit the page directly on the target page of, or file an issue on Milvus-docs repository with detailed information, and, if possible, propose changes by creating a pull request.
Contribute a new piece of technical document Before contributing a full-length technical document, read Documentation Contribution Guide.

Other Contributions

Contribution type Description
Share your demos and solutions Show Milvus users how to leverage the platform in specific scenarios. Examples are available in the Milvus Bootcamp.
Author a blog article, user story, or whitepapers Write high-quality content that clearly and accurately explains technical details about Milvus.
Give a tech talk or host a live broadcast Give talks or host live broadcasts that help raise awareness around Milvus.
Support Milvus users Help users on GitHub solve the problems they meet while using Milvus.
Issue triage Adding descriptive labels to our GitHub issues speeds up routing issues to the right person in charge. It is a great contribution to the operation of the Milvus project.
Contribute otherwise Any contribution that plays a positive role in the development of Milvus and its open-source community will be considered for eligibility.
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