April 12, 2022by The Milvus Community

A Small Step for Milvus - 10,000 Stars

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We recently hit an incredible milestone in the journey of vector database - over 10K stars on the GitHub repo of Milvus. Thanks to each and every one of you who has supported us by giving us a star ⭐️.

It has been a wonderful 2.5 years since Milvus became an open-source project. When we first started, very few people understood exactly what a vector database is, let alone talking about how it would enable and accelerate AI adoption in our daily lives. Milvus vector database carries our vision of defining and building the next-generation database for AI. We combine SOTA algorithms with cloud technologies in the Milvus project so developers could build AI applications at ease with Milvus vector database.


Click here to watch the full video of Milvus repository development visualization.

There are many brilliant projects that laid the foundation for Milvus, and we are thankful to stand on the shoulders of the giants. Without them Milvus wouldn't have existed.

We are also incredibly grateful to our awesome community, who has helped open an exciting chapter for this new type of database. Before we look forward, we want to take a moment to reflect on this journey, gaze at our milestones and acknowledge and thank our developers:

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All of this is only made possible by every single person who contributes. Thank you for your pull requests, issue reports, emails, meetings, and sharing your knowledge of Milvus. You all are playing a valuable part in Milvus' progress.

Special event

For this special milestone, we have prepared a small thank-you gift – a downloadable desktop wallpaper. Hope you enjoy it!

It'd be nice if you help spread the word! ❤️

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