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November 10, 2021by Zilliz

It's a Wrap! Milvus Hacktoberfest 2021

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Thank you to everyone who participated in Milvus Hacktoberfest 2021!


Hacktoberfest has come to an end but there is no end to contributing to open-source projects!

Throughout October, we had a total of 44 pull requests (PRs) across our repos from 36 contributors (excluding our core team). Though it is the first year for the Milvus community to join Hacktoberfest, the number of participants we saw was beyond our expectation, an indication of the growing awareness of open-source spirit.

We hope everyone who participated in this event gained some hands-on experience or knowledge of open source, community, and helpful technical skills in the process.️️️

In this post, we’d like to invite you to celebrate our achievements together and how to continue to contribute to Milvus after Hacktoberfest.

📣 Shout out to our contributors:

During Hacktoberfest this year, the Milvus project repositories saw 44 pull requests merged! This is a huge accomplishment on all sides. Good job, everyone! 🎉

parthiv11, joremysh, noviicee, Biki-das, Nadyamilona, ashish4arora, Dhruvacube, iamartyaa, RafaelDSS, kartikcho, GuyKh, Deep1Shikha, shreemaan-abhishek, daniel-shuy, Hard-Coder05, sapora1, Rutam21, idivyanshbansal, Mihir501, YushChaudhary, sreyan-ghosh, chiaramistro, appledora, luisAzcuaga, matteomessmer, Nadyamilona, Tititesouris, amusfq, matrixji & generalZman


Here are some extraordinary Milvus Hacktoberfest 2021 contributions:

⚙️ New features

Compile & Run Milvus across multiple platforms by matrixji

(🏆 Top Contributor 🏆 )

📝 Documentation

🚀 Bootcamp

🐍 PyMilvus

Share your feedback with us!


You are more than welcome to share your experience of Milvus Hacktoberfest 2021 with us! Whether it's a blog post, a tweet (@milvusio) or just a post in our forum, anything will be greatly appreciated!

What's Next?

👩‍💻 Code & Documentation

If you have limited knowledge of Milvus, you can get familiar with how the community works first by contributing to pymilvus or docs repos. You can also look for tags such as #goodfirstissue or #helpwanted.



If you have any questions about contributing, you can always ask the community under the Forum's Contributor category:

🏆 Be a Milvus Advocate


Share your experience and things you've learned with the community;propose ideas on how we can improve; answer questions and help out others on Milvus Forum, etc. There are many ways for you to participate in the community, we've listed a few examples below but we welcome any forms of contribution:

  • Demos and solutions: Show Milvus users how to leverage the platform in specific scenarios (e.g. music recommendation system). Examples are available in the Milvus Bootcamp.

  • Blog articles, user stories, or whitepapers: Write high-quality content that clearly and accurately explains technical details about Milvus.

  • Tech talks/live broadcasts: Give talks or host live broadcasts that help raise awareness around Milvus.

  • Others: Any content that plays a positive role in the development of Milvus and its open-source community will be considered eligible.

For more details, please read:

Lastly, thank you again for joining this year's Hacktoberfest with us and letting us be your mentors and students. Thank you Digital Ocean for hosting yet another year of this amazing event. Until next time!

Happy Coding!

Milvus Community Team

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