Contributing is warmly welcomed. You can contribute to PyMilvus project by opening issues and submitting pull requests on PyMilvus Github page.

Open Issues

To request a new feature, report a bug or ask a question, it's recommended for you to open an issue.

For a feature

You can tell us why you need it and we will decide whether to implement it soon. If we think it's a good improvement, we will make it a feature request and start to work on it. It's also welcomed for you to open an issue with your PR as a solution.

For a bug

You need to tell us as much information as possible, better start with our bug report template. With information, we can reproduce the bug easily and solve it later.

For a question

It's welcomed to ask any questions about PyMilvus and Milvus, we are pleased to communicate with you.

Submit Pull Requests

If you have improvements to PyMilvus, please submit pull requests(PR) to master, see workflow below.

PR for codes, you need to tell us why we need it, mentioning an existing issue would be better.

PR for docs, you also need to tell us why we need it.

Your PRs will be reviewed and checked, merged into our project if approved.

Github workflow

This is a brief instruction of Github workflow for beginners.

  • Fork the PyMilvus repository on Github.

  • Clone your fork to your local machine with git clone<your_user_name>/pymilvus.git.

  • Create a new branch with git checkout -b my_working_branch.

  • Make your changes, commit, then push to your forked repository.

  • Visit Github and make you PR.

If you already have an existing local repository, always update it before you start to make changes like below:

$ git remote add upstream
$ git checkout master
$ git pull upstream master
$ git checkout -b my_working_branch

Contribution guideline

1. Update

If any improvement or feature being added, you are recommended to open a new issue(if not exist) then record your change in file The format is: - #{GitHub issue number} - {Brief description for your change}

2. Add unit tests for your codes

To run unit test in github action, you need make sure the last commit message of PR starts with "[ci]". If you want to run unit test locally, under root folder of Pymilvus project run pytest --ip=${IP} --port=${PORT}.

3. Pass pylint check

In the root directory, run pylint --rcfile=pylint.conf milvus/client to make sure the rate is 10.

4. For documentations

You need to enter the doc directory and run make html, please refer to About this documentations.

Section author: Yangxuan@milvus