The Testing Special Interest Group

About the Testing Special Interest Group

The group subject

The Testing special interest group focuses on:

  • Build the efficient testing service and reliable、continuous integration facilities, to make it easier and more efficient for the community to run test cases

  • Working with other sig groups, find new issues in the project, and close fixed issues relying on the stable testing infrastructure and services

The subgroups in Testing SIG

  • test-infra

Build CI/CD infrastructure and pipelines for the project, publish friendly deployment for the project to make it easier to create, install and upgrade the environment

  • test-framework

Build layered testing scripts, tools, and services, schedule and execute the test tasks (including functional test, benchmark test, and stability test)

  • test-commons

Focus on the ease of use around the server and SDKs, including the execution of functional testing, to ensure the server and SDKs are published and delivered under the original demands and expected quality

The group members

  • Group leaders

    • Yudong Cai (GitHub: cydrain)

    • Zhenxiang Li (GitHub: del-zhenwu)

  • Group members

    • Zhifeng Zhang (GitHub: jeffoverflow)

    • Yufen Zong (GitHub: ThreadDao)

    • Ting Wang (GitHub: wangting0128)

The group communication channels

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