Visualize Metrics in Grafana

Configure and start Grafana

  1. Start Grafana:

    $ docker run -i -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana
  2. Use your browser to open http://<hostname of machine running grafana>:3000 and log into the Grafana UI.

Grafana's default username and password are both admin. You can create a Grafana account of your own.
  1. Add Prometheus as a data source.

  2. In Grafana UI, click Configuration > Data Sources > Prometheus, and configure the data source as follows:

    Field Definition
    Name Prometheus
    Default True
    URL http://<hostname of machine running prometheus>:9090
    Access Browser
  3. Download the starter Grafana dashboard for Milvus:

  4. Add the dashboard to Grafana.


Display and Render Milvus Metrics

You can use Grafana dashboard to determine how to display and render Milvus metrics. See Milvus Metrics for more information.

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