Milvus Metrics

Milvus outputs detailed time-series metrics during runtime. You can use Prometheus, Grafana, or any visualization tool that you think appropriate to display and render the following metrics:

  • Milvus Performance Metrics
  • System Performance Metrics: Metrics relating to CPU/GPU usage, network traffic, and disk read speed.
  • Hardware Storage Metrics: Metrics relating to data size, data files, and storage capacity.

Milvus performance metrics

Metric Description
Insert per Second Number of vectors that are inserted in a second. (Real-time display)
Queries per Minute Number of queries that are run in a minute. (Real-time display)
Query Time per Vector Average time to query one vector. Divide the query elapsed time by the number of queried vectors.
Query Service Level Query service level = n_queries_completed_within_threshold1 / n_queries
Generally, it is recommended to set 3 time periods - threshold1, threshold2, and threshold3, to track the query service level.
Uptime How long Milvus has been running. (Minutes)

System performance metrics

Metric Description
GPU Utilization GPU utilization ratio (%).
GPU Memory Usage GPU memory (GB) currently consumed by Milvus.
CPU Utilization CPU utilization ratio (%). Divide the time that the server is busy by the total elapsed time.
Memory Usage Memory (GB) currently consumed by Milvus.
Cache Utilization Cache utilization ratio (%).
Network IO Network IO read/write speed (GB/s).
Disk Read Speed Disk read speed (GB/s).
Disk Write Speed Disk write speed (GB/s).

Hardware storage metrics

Metric Description
Data Size Total amount (GB) of data stored in Milvus.
Total File Number of data files currently stored in Milvus.
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