Install Attu with Docker Compose

Attu is an efficient open-source management tool for Milvus. This topic describes how to install Attu with Docker Compose, an efficient open-source management tool for Milvus.


See v2.0.x Attu doc if you are using Milvus 2.0.x.

Milvus to Attu Version Mapping

Milvus Version Recommended Attu Image Version
v2.0.x v2.0.5
v2.1.x v2.1.5
v2.2.x v2.2.3

Start an Attu instance

docker run -p 8000:3000  -e MILVUS_URL={your machine IP}:19530 zilliz/attu:v2.2.3

Once you start the docker, visit http://{ your machine IP }:8000 in your browser, and click Connect to enter the Attu service. And we alsow support TLS connection, username and password.

Connect to the Milvus service.
Connect to the Milvus service with username and password.


Attu is an open-source project. All contributions are welcome. Please read our Contribute guide before making contributions.

If you find a bug or want to request a new feature, please create a GitHub Issue, and make sure that the same issue has not been created by someone else.

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